Account Policy

Here are some important pieces of information and documents that you must provide us with to open your trading account successfully:
Bank Statement Proof

You have to provide us with a proof that the account information you have provided on our website coincides with the account information you have with the bank. We want to make sure that your name and address with us are the same as those appearing on your bank statement. This information is most important when you are making a wire transfer through your bank account.

Scanned Copies or Pictures of Debit/Credit Cards
You should provide us with a copy or picture of the debit or credit card you are using. We must make sure that the information you have provided on our website is of a card that you possess. If the card is in your possession, you should not have any issues in taking pictures of the card and uploading them on the website or sending their pictures to us through email.
You must keep in mind that people steal other people’s credit card information through hacking and then use them to sign up with online services. They have your credit card number, its expiration, and sometimes even the CVV number with them. The only thing they don’t have is the physical card. The physical card still belongs to you.
With that in mind, we require you to upload a picture of your credit card to make sure that the card whose information you have provided on the website is in your possession. This removes any doubts from the process that someone else is using your credit card information that they might have bought online as a dump.


All of the information should be visible


Upload the full document, without cropping and in focus

Scanned Copies or Pictures of Your Utility Bills

By receiving the copies of the utility bills, we want to make sure that the address you have provided on the website is also accurate and correct. More importantly, we must be sure that the address is really yours. You cannot overlook the fact that a lot of people know your address such as your friends, relatives, online friends, etc. Someone can use your address as a mockup while signing up online.
While they have your physical address, they surely will not have access to the utility bills of your home. By asking you to send us the pictures of your home, we ensure that you are the person living on the address that has been provided to us. These billing proofs can also be a perfect way to confirm the accuracy of the physical address you have provided.

Your document should be scanned flat


There should be no cropping and all four corners should be visible

ID Information

You will have to submit the information of your personal identification number. It could be your passport, driver’s license number or any other proof of ID from the government that’s application to your country. In addition to the information, we also need you to deposit the pictures of these documents.
We need the pictures to ensure that you are the one who has these documents in your ownership in the physical form. Data breaches are not uncommon these days and someone might just be using your information stolen from some company’s database. With a proof in the form of a picture, we clear our doubts of the presence of a fraudulent party within the process.

Some of the information has to be accurately entered in the web forms that you will have to fill while signing up with STR Capital. As for the documented proof, you will have to send us scanned copies. Use our email [email protected] , to send the scanned copies of the documents.
Do make sure that all the necessary details, text, numbers, and symbols are clearly visible in the copies.

We cannot accept any payments or send any payments back to you if you do not provide us with your banking details. Of course, you can only trade with Brix Group or any other online broker when you deposit funds in your account.
At the same time, you must realize that the financial industry has some strict guidelines for online brokers to follow. There are certain pieces of information that you must provide us for opening an account with us. Rest assured that this information is taken from you only for your safety. Some information is required under the AML legislation (anti-money laundering).