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Why do I need to verify my account?

The verification of your trading account is required in order to provide you with the best possible service.
Your information is always kept confidential and is only used for compliance purposes.

Why can't I log in?

If you cannot enter your trading account, please first check you have entered your username and password correctly.
You might also find the following steps helpful:
1. Clear your browser cache
2. Try to login again
3. Try using another browser (IE, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome etc.).
4. Check your internet connectivity

– Make sure you are not already connected in another window or platform.

How can I deposit?

Once you have logged into your trading account, you can choose the “deposit” option. After clicking on the deposit button, you will have to pick one of the many secure payment methods. Choose the one you are most comfortable with, enter the amount, and you are good.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

You will need to deposit a minimum of €500 in your account to be able to trade any assets. To keep it simple for our traders, this is the minimum amount regardless of the currency of deposit you choose.

What payment methods are available?

You may deposit funds through credit/debit card, wire transfer.

Is there any fees to pay while withdrawing and depositing money?

STR Capital does not charge you any unnecessary commissions when you deposit money in your account or withdraw it. However, you might have to pay some fees depending on the deposit method you choose. Your bank might charge a fee on your credit card deposit or for a wire transfer. In a similar way, there might be a processing fee associated with your withdrawal from the payment service provider.

How to make withdrawal?

You can withdraw money from your account when you wish to. However, you should make sure that you leave enough funds in your account to carry out more trades. Keep in mind that there must be a minimum amount in your account for any trade. This is called the margin requirement. You cannot enter a trade if you don’t have the minimum margin in your account to enter a trade.

In addition to that, you also must bear in mind that you use the same method and account information to withdraw funds from your account that you did for depositing. If you used your bank account information for a wire transfer, you must make sure that you use the same bank information to withdraw funds. Similarly, you will have to use the same credit card information while receiving funds that you used to fund your account. It is for your security and to avoid any money launderers and frauds from using your personal information for the illegal acts.

What’s the method for a withdrawal?

If you know the deposit method, withdrawing should not be any difficult for you either. You have to sign in to your account to make a withdrawal. Once you have signed into your account, you will have to click on the account option. After selecting this option, you will have to choose the withdrawal option. You will use the same details for the withdrawal that you did for depositing the money. While the process is quite smooth and clean, you might still need the help of a representative at some points, and that’s why we have the available to help 24/5.

Wire Transfer Withdrawal Details

You must wait for at least 10 working days before the withdrawal is fully successful and the amount you had withdrawn is credited back to your account.

How can I contact STR Capital?

Do you have a question about your account or the platform?
Have you encountered an unexplained error?
Our Customer Service department is here to assist via phone or email.